While our priority is making healthy smiles, we are also committed to creating beautiful smiles for our patients. The following are some of the cosmetic dental services we offer:

Teeth Whitening is offered by our office as an at-home treatment. Dr. Cheong will meet with you to assess your teeth, discuss your options and recommend a treatment plan. Once you decide to have your teeth whitened, your custom trays will be fabricated from the impression models. You will be given a whitening kit to use at home, which consists of whitening gel and trays to wear for a prescribed amount of time, depending on the patient.

Veneers, which are teeth surface laminating procedures. Veneers are often used to close gaps between teeth and fix chipped or broken teeth. Veneers also can alter the color and shape of the tooth in just 2 office visits. For selective cases, they can be a great alternative to braces and when teeth whitening is unable to resolve shade issues. Typically there are two types of veneers – a one-visit chair-side veneer, and a two-visit lab-fabricated veneer.