Hygiene & Periodontal

We believe that preventative measures are the best way to maintain healthy smiles. In addition to keeping up with good oral hygiene habits at home – brushing and flossing well everyday – a routine checkup every 6 months is very important to keep your oral health in good condition. Your checkup will often include:

Cleaning and Polishing, in which special instruments are used in conjunction with a toothpaste-like substance to remove plaque (a soft and sticky material composed of bacteria that accumulates on teeth) and tartar (hardened plaque) build-up.

X-Rays, which reveal information about the interior of teeth and gums that the naked eye cannot see. Our office uses a digital panoramic x-ray to obtain a holistic image of your teeth and jaw bone and a digital intraoral x-ray to get close-up images of teeth and gums.

Dental Exams, which allow Dr. Cheong to check for any signs of gum disease or cavities and assess your overall oral health and needs. After a thorough exam, we will discuss treatment recommendations and options with you.

Sealant, which is a resin-like material that is gently applied to hard-to-brush teeth. Sealant blocks out plaque from the pits and fissures of the back teeth and helps to prevent cavities.

Fluoride Varnish, which is applied as a thin coating on the surface of teeth. The fluoride treatment helps strengthen the tooth enamel against decay caused by acids in plaque and the mouth.

Scaling and Root Planing (SRP), a deep-cleaning procedure during which Dr. Cheong or her hygienist will use periodontal instruments to scrape off stubborn tartar which, untreated, leads to gum disease – like gingivitis or periodontitis – and tooth decay. Excessively rough and stubborn plaque and tartar below the gum line are deep-cleaned and smoothed out by special instruments. Once SRP is completed, patients will be scheduled for a 1 month evaluation, then periodontal maintenance therapy will be performed every 3 months to maximize the treatment outcome and prevent the periodontal disease from relapsing. In some cases, if the condition is too advanced, we will coordinate the periodontal treatment with specialists by referral.

Additionally, you may wish to speak to our hygienist or Dr. Cheong about any oral health concerns you may have. Common problems we address include toothaches, halitosis (bad breath) and sensitive teeth.